The media censor information to the public, rather than be an unbiased distributor of facts.

Because most people are busy making a living, bringing up their kids and working, struggling to make ends meet, their perceptions of things are often formed by what they read, hear and see in the media.

Most people do not have spare the time it takes to thoroughly investigate an issue. To inform themselves of the facts. This makes the media a politically powerful force

One of the most obvious in this regard is our local rag. They will print absolutely anything that one particular race of people dream up, including racist rants and seditious views.

But will not accept advertisements, articles or letters to the editor calling for racial equality.

This gives the impression that what the one race who are able to have a voice say, is not only right, but is also what should be the accepted view. This is what people are being led to believe, when the truth is quite different. But the ‘truth’ is now a dirty word and is being swept under the rug so often, people no longer know what it is anymore. By not presenting any views of the people opposed to the politically correct view, they are censoring what their readers read, and ensuring the opinions of the masses are what they want them to be. Censorship of the worst kind, and of the kind that was employed in Germany prior to WWII.

This is a gross misuse of the power of their positions and their responsibility, which is meant to be to inform the public in an unbiased and even fashion.

Recently our local rag, (which used to be a great paper, but has now lost the respect of well informed ‘Bay’ people), printed an article about an email from a Central Hawke’s Bay Mayor, which has caused complaints because of some apparantly racist comments. It was a private email, but was leaked to the leader of the Ngati Kahungunu iwi chairman, Ngahiwi Tomoana, who was in opposition to the building of the Ruataniwha dam to supply water to several Hawke’s Bay farms.

I do not have a view on the dam one way or the other, but I do take exception to several of Mr Tomoana’s statements, which are extremely racist. And I do take exception to the local rag giving it space in their paper when they constantly deny print space to anybody who opposes the views of people like Mr Tomoana.

Mr Tomoana states

“…racism was holding back the economic development of the region.”

Really? Building a dam is a huge job, employing many people and at the same time bringing money into the Bay. Yet you oppose this proposition. Who is holding back economic development in the region again? Or are  you only concerned with Maori economic development?

Mr Tomoana also states

“Ngait Kahungunu Iwi invested over $16 million in 2013 purchasing Tautane Station located in Central Hawke’s Bay/Tararua and have secured Taratahi Agricultural Training to provide training on site,”

Wow, $16 million. That’s a lot of money from a part of the community always crying poverty and under privilege. That could house, feed and educate an awful lot of Whanau couldn’t it! Where did that come from again? oh wait – the taxes of hard working New Zealanders. Right.

He said

“Maori were a growing segment of the Hawke’s Bay population and workforce, and therefore would play an increasing part in the region’s economy into the future.

To deny that is to undermine the real potential and ambition of Hawke’s Bay to be an economic force.”

What he actually means by that is, ‘that it may undermine the real potential and ambition of Maori in Hawke’s Bay to be an economic force.’ Because let’s be honest here, it is only ever Maori aspirations and ambitions that people like Mr Tomoana care about. The rest of us can go take a jump for all they care. But he tries to soften it with this:

“Perpetuating the myth that we should be told where we can work and where we can’t work is working against the ageing Pakeha population.

Huh? How on earth does he come up with this connection?

“Maori and Pakeha can’t do without each other. As long as we’re dismissed as a low-grade, low-paid economy, or as long as we’re shut out of the economy, Hawke’s Bay (Maori) will never realise its ambition.”

Really? Can’t do without each other? Really? Perhaps Mr Tomoana has forgotten that Pakeha had sailed the seven seas in huge sailing ships, had invented trains and many other advanced, (for the times), western civilisation tools, to numerous to mention.  Pakeha had established entire Empires, long before they even knew there were a few Maori living on an island at the bottom of the Pacific. I think they can handle things, thanks.

Who exactly is dismissing Maori as low-grade, low-paid economy? Who is shutting them out of the economy? They have tax payer funded, racially assisted, better access to education than pakeha in New Zealand and those who work hard and strive to achieve are not shut out of anything. Many are doing exceptionally well and being paid well for it. Perpetuating the myth of poverty and under-privilege for Maori has become a tool for sucking more money from soft touch, ill informed, pakeha.

Then the threats start

There’s a whole underbelly, a whole marginalised group and, at this time, it’s Maori and Pacific but the demographic is going to change, and so is the educational status, and we’ll be driving the economy and we’ll be maintaining all the retired pakeha population – that’s something they don’t realise at the moment.

I have to admit that it’s a scary thought! In fact the question of what ‘maintaining’ means in Maori could be down right terrifying. Especially since the Maori language is so flexible that words can change their meanings to suit whatever situation they find themselves in. How will pakeha elderly be ‘maintained’ in the future? Kept in good health to be used as slaves? Or a cooking ingredient? Work the machines while Maori run the economy?

Could happen sooner than we think the way certain people in our current government keep giving our country away.

After all, it’s what Mr Tomoana is threatening with the following racist rant:

“Maori took a 1000-year view and believe problems caused by racism would pass.

This is a blip in the passage of time and people can treat us how they like and how they will but, in time, we will take back our land, we will take back our language and we will take back our governance. It might take 300 or 1000 years but we will do that and we will reinstate those things that we have been denied.”

If anyone has doubts about sedition being the name of the game – have doubts no longer!

According to Mr Tomoana, Hawke’s Bay Maori could have as much as $400 million to invest once Treaty of Waitangi claims are settled – and they are looking for like minded people to join them. But he says that if you are not like minded, then stay away, because they won’t work with you. Hmmmm

Oh the hypocrisy…

Some questions to ponder over coffee:

1.     Where does the money come from to make Treaty of Waitangi settlement payments?

2.     How much of it trickles down to lower socio-economic Maori families?

3.     How do Maori investments in the local area or economy improve the lives of the general population in that area?

4.     Who receives the profits from these investments?

5.     How much tax do you think is being paid on the returns on these investments?

6.     Why are we not boycotting newspapers that refuse to print both sides of the race issue in New Zealand?

Leave your answers and comments in the comments section below.