Coddington wrong. Parliament’s encouragement of tribalism
 by Amy Brooke

The now controversial implications of Waitangi Day. ..

Tribalism, racism, radicalism, socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, fanaticism, militarism, anti-Semitism, pacificism, classism, feminism, ageism – the disease of the isms underpinning history…

The lesson democracies have been over-late taking on board is that the leopard does indeed change his spots, while his essential predatory nature remains the same. Throughout human history, as fast as one ugly form of thought-control and intimidation (if not outright oppression of one particular social grouping or country) is finally fought and discredited, at least temporarily – the leopard’s spots rearrange themselves. The animal remains essentially the same.

We could use usefully ask ourselves why. And in theological terms, a productive avenue of intellectual exploration, available to all except those with minds determinedly closed to its considerable potential to make sense of the human condition – (i.e. those with the cocksure “certainties” of atheism) – the Christian recognition of a perennial battle between good and evil explains a great deal. Its acknowledged reality and consequences have underpinned much of the great writing and poetry of Western civilisation.

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