The Fascists of the Left (FOTLs, pronounced “Fottles” and spelled that way henceforth) have won. Free speech in New Zealand is dead. It has been throttled by Fottles.

Free speech’s strangulated status became obvious, if it were not already, when National Business Review cravenly capitulated to Fottles and removed Sir Bob Jones’ most recent column from its website. That was the column in which he proposed replacing Waitangi Day with Maori Gratitude Day:

I have in mind a public holiday where Maoris bring us breakfast in bed or weed our gardens, wash & polish our cars & so on, out of gratitude for existing.

It didn’t help when Bob protested that any fool could tell his piece was a “piss-take”—he’d clearly forgotten that Fottles are as dumb as they are humourless and as humourless as they are evil.

The Fottles were frenetic in the lead-up to NBR’s surrender. One, Mullah Marvelly, issued a Fatwa via Twit-Witter:

I couldn’t be more disappointed in the NBR for publishing this. If you subscribe, feel free to voice your repulsion with cancelled subscriptions.

Then a second Fatwa was launched in the form of a petition seeking to strip Sir Bob of his knighthood. Its instigator was a Fottle film-maker who speaks in that execrable fry-quack now universal among female moronnials. She squawked:

There is public support for this, somebody can’t get away with hate speech like that and not be held to account. When something like this comes out I think it’s important we stand our ground, to say actually that’s not okay and we don’t accept this type of racist rant as a reflection of who we are as a country.

Note how Fottles love to dictate what is and is not OK (most things are not OK in their neo-Puritan manual, which I assume Fottle Justin Trudeau has renamed “humanual”) and “who we are as a country.” It’s what Fascists do. Having no lives themselves, they clamour to run everybody else’s.

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