The upcoming royal visit to New Zealand of Prince William, with his wife Kate and baby, has caused a stir in Maoridom.

One lot are upset that the Royals are not visiting Waitangi, and the other lot, who would have had a visit, but complained that the time allocated to them was too short, so now have no visit.

Seriously, when are these self-appointed VIPs going to realise that Maori are just people, like all other people. They are no more special than anyone else. Maori are the only people who think Maori are special. Deserving of special treatment or concessions on a vast number of everyday life events. They even seem to think they are so special that the Royal family should make special time to pay homage to them and their stone age culture.

Like most other New Zealanders, I am so over it.

When the Queen last visited Waitangi, some Maori guy thought it appropriate to show her his naked back side. And instead of a lovely warm welcome with tea and scones, she was subjected to protesters. Why the hell would anyone want to go to a place where they, (or family members), were treated like that? Some Maori are all about show us respect, yet they never show anyone else the respect they demand of others.

These thugs are also threatening violence if their demands aren’t met. This is such a typical response by these spoiled brats when they don’t get their own way. Why would anyone in the Royal family want to meet people like this? Prince William would no doubt be very concerned for the safety of his wife and child. Ok, they are only threatening a statue at the moment, but why is violence always the way Maori react to everything? Threats and intimidation are their weapons of choice every time.

I don’t know, because I wasn’t there, but did the Queen have to sit at the back last time because she is a woman?

Besides, Waitangi is the place where Maori Chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, and then proceeded to breach that treaty ever since. Not exactly something to celebrate.

Yes, I said it. Maori breached the Treaty. They are just as guilty as pakeha in that regard, but do you ever hear about that? No.

As for the Maori ‘King’ being upset at only being offered a 90 minute time slot with the Royals – Maori ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria, and her successors,  when they signed the Treaty of Waitangi. So even the fact that Maori have a King is disrespectful of the Royals and a breach of the Treaty. So why should any visiting time at all be given to him?

Personally I think having to sit through an hour and a half of Maori speeches, probably most of which will be done in a language they can’t even understand, would be more than enough. And they’d probably be greeted by a Haka, which would wake up the baby and scar him for life!

When are the Maori radicals going to wake up to the fact that to the rest of the world, they are just not that special?