By Amy Brooke, 100 days – Claiming Back New Zealand

Fact or faction? The Trans-Pacific Partnership: will this be a case of “economic enslavement”?  How can New Zealanders tell, when unforgivably, highly relevant vital information is being withheld from the country and taxpayers are being treated like children? And where are our supposedly “investigative journalists” when they are needed? Apparently, largely reading over one another’s shoulders.

What neither our National government nor our mainstream media is making plain is what exactly the TPPA means for New Zealanders at large. It’s being left to independent researchers and apparently better informed bloggers to attempt do just this, while the government,  i.e. John Key’s handpicked inner circle of ministers (we all now know the remaining National Party MPs have very little, if any, say in the decisions ultimately made by the Prime Minister and his tight clique),  say “Trust us!

Trust the State – Trust a government? The Swiss people would be incredulous at the suggestion they themselves would be excluded from knowing what is taking place in negotiations…essentially being fobbed off by politicians.

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