The Maori Party say a cultural impact assessment clause in Auckland’s Draft Unitary Plan is a good idea, and that people focusing on race and cost are missing the big picture.

Te Ururoa Flavell, Maori Party Co-leader says “the provision in the plan to seek a cultural impact assessment from mana whenua on certain sites tagged for development is a good thing. It’s good because Maori have knowledge, history and a unique cultural perspective that can and will add value to our resource management decisions.”

“We are, however, shocked and disappointed with some of the reactions to the proposal. It tells us that our Maori culture, our knowledge, and our history are still treated as second class here in Aotearoa.”

Firstly, Mr Flavell, the name of our country is New Zealand. Not Aotearoa! Secondly, it’s not just developments now is it. These new rules, should they be applied, would impact on private properties and residences too. On individuals and families. Infringing on private property rights and therefore the rights of individuals. A person in one of these 3600 and counting areas will not be able to cut down a tree, put in a swimming pool, add a deck to their house or many other things any property owner should be able to do, without first crossing the palms of many local iwi with gold.

“To assume that there is no value in what mana whenua have to offer, or to instantly dismiss issues of cultural significance and the role that plays in resource management are clear examples of racism. Institutional racism,” says Mr Flavell.

What is it exactly that mana whenua have to offer? what? We often hear statements like this, but I have no idea what it means. What do they have to offer of value? Please tell us. I would also like to know what role the culture of a minority of people in New Zealand has to play in resource management? Also, for people to be concerned about their private property rights and extra costs that they may face is NOT racism. It’s a genuine concern. Saying it’s racism is just another attempt to shut people up. You and your Maori Party cohorts use it all the time to stifle debate and silence the opposition.

Tariana Turia says “this is also a Treaty issue. It’s about tangata whenua having a right to participate in decision making over our natural resources.”

Bullshit! No where in the Treaty is this promised. The treaty does not even have the words tangata whenua in it. It refers to Maori as tangata maori. It also gave Maori the same rights as british subjects. No more, no less, and certainly no rights over other people’s private property!

“For too long local Councils have denied, avoided and side stepped their obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Well it is time to step up. It’s time to challenge the status quo and make it more inclusive of tangata whenua and our rights as indigenous people of Aotearoa, and we commend Auckland Council for their courage in taking this step on behalf of the nation.

You’re no more indigenous than any other person born here, Tariana. Especially you who are at least half American. Maori colonised New Zealand a few hundred years before the Europeans who were responsible for colonising New Zealand. And when Maori colonised New Zealand they murdered most of the people who were already here, and those that survived interbred with Maori, or had to go off and find a more peaceful part of the country to live in. Auckland council weren’t being brave. Some were bloody cowards who gave in to pressure. Others didn’t know anything about these clauses because they were added AFTER they had signed the papers. That is underhanded and typical of what you can expect from certain unelected and unaccountable people who’ve wormed their way into positions with the Auckland Council.

“We encourage more New Zealanders to learn about our history to get a better perspective on this issue.

I totally agree. As long as they learn the REAL history, and not your dumbed down, whitewashed (there’s a pun for you), revisionist version.

“This is also about the principles of good decision making in resource management. It’s obvious that developers want to build as cheaply and as quickly as possible, well sorry, private profit hardly seems like the foundation of good decision making, especially when you are talking about developments that will impact on multiple generations of New Zealanders.

Heck no, can’t have people making a private profit. That will never do. Not without Maori getting a slice of it! And why are you complaining about developers wanting to build as cheaply as possible Tariana? Aren’t you one of the ones that’s been complaining about the unaffordablility of housing for Maori? Well it’s going to be even more unaffordable now, thanks to all the iwi with their hands out.

“We welcome the inclusion of cultural considerations in Auckland’s Draft Unitary Plan and the input of the Independent Maori Statutory Board in this debate. We also acknowledge the long history that hapu and iwi have in managing our resources and the vital role they play as tangata tiaki,” says Mrs Turia.

Don’t make me laugh! A long history of hunting and killing to extinction many of New Zealand’s birds and marine mammals more like! Not to mention the wholesale burning of New Zealand’s native forests so you could grow your kumera. Protectors of the land. Yeah Right!

Source: Maori Party.